06.08.14 :: Updated to add our Gakuen Heaven sites. :3


The domain neo-romance.net was created by Marfisa and myself (Rahenna) with the intent of housing our websites related to Koei's neo-romance games: Angelique, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, and La Corda d'Oro.

That project got put aside (we're still procrastinating, thanks!) and I started putting random things on subdomains here, mostly fanlistings and TCGs. Thanks to that, this domain is now a place for us to store public projects and interactive websites.

Okay, I'm the one with web empire fever. Marfisa is innocent.


If a site has (!) after its name, it is closed, but still available for viewing.

gakuen heaven
sailor moon
online tcgs

Some other sites have lived on this subdomain in the past, but got cleared out back when Dreamhost was having trouble with hackers. I didn't feel like cleaning up sites that were dead, so they got deleted. They were:

- Dumping Ground (fanlisting collective)
- Gentlemen (guys of gaming TCG)
- Loved By the Night (Castlevania TCG)
- Neo-Romance Fansubs (Angelique OVA fansubs)


If you like our stuff, why not check out our other domains? I have a few more fandom-ish sites that are hosted directly on my own domain (rahenna.com) because... I don't know why. Because they are. So that would be worth checking out. :)

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